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If you’re searching for …

Faith rather than simply religion

Virtue rather than simply values

Relationship rather than rule-keeping

Divine help rather than self-help

Then we may be the place for you!


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Understanding the mind of Jesus requires believers to acknowledge His divine mission. Taking the form of a man he came to earth with a specific purpose comprised of three roles: obedient Son, humble servant, faithful Savior. For most believers the role of faithful Savior is the most familiar.

Jesus and a lamb

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With the admonition of “Let the mind of Christ be in you,” Paul’s intent is to inspire believers to change their perspectives, attitudes and behaviors. He encourages turning away from their lives and embracing God’s adoption as sons and daughters:

mother and boy reading book

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wtb on June 22nd, 2014

The world around us is falling apart! Really intelligent people are offering solutions that are really no solutions at all. Many believe that if we can just get back on track with the economy, everything else will just fall into place. The economy is not the problem. Islam is not the problem. A refusal to acknowledge the sovereignty of The God of the universe is the problem. Civilizations that have a right relationship with the “Creator” may still face difficulties– “rain on the just and the unjust”. Eternity with God makes any of the unpleasant issues of living in this fallen world bearable.

hand held to ear

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wtb on June 15th, 2014

“Let the mind of Christ be in you.” Although it is clear that Paul points to Jesus’ example, his own life and conversion are also useful in the study of developing a Christ-like mind. Scripture records Paul’s genuine transformation after his conversion. Luke provides numerous examples of his effective work as an evangelist and dedicated missionary to the gentiles, as well as a fruitful church planter across Asia Minor during the first century.

iconic head with label

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Two young boys were having a discussion about what their fathers did for a living. The first to speak said, “My daddy flies a jet plane!” The other boy couldn’t top that so he said, “That’s good!” The pilot’s son said,

    “No, that’s bad!” The plane was going to crash.”

    “That’s bad!” “No, that’s good. He had a parachute!”

    “That’s good!” “No, that’s bad. His parachute wouldn’t open!”

    “That’s bad!” “No, that’s good. He was headed for a haystack!”

    “That’s good!” “No, that’s bad. There was a pitchfork in the haystack!”

    “That’s bad!” “No, that’s good. He missed the pitchfork!”

    “That’s good!” “No, that’s bad. He missed the whole haystack!”

pasture, pile of hay, and pitchfork

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