This morning we will continue our theme “The Eight Characteristics of a Transformed Life.” Characteristic number six is that transformed believers have a “Christian World-View”.


Everyone has a world view; it is the set of presuppositions and beliefs that we use to interpret and form opinions about mankind, the purpose of life, our roles, and the meaning of truth. Christians we view and respond to all these issues through the light and lens of scripture.

Throughout history man has searched for the source of true wisdom as a guide to the nature and purpose of man, and to answer the questions: What is ultimate truth? What is genuine morality? The reality is that the answers for these questions can only be revealed by a divine intellect. Unfortunately, the world has rejected inspired scripture, instead embracing secular views that are often in direct conflict with eternal truth.

For example, God tells us that man is a special creation made in His own image and that children are a blessing from Him. The secular world exalts man to the apex of evolutionary development, having no more special place on this earth than any other animal that might eventually rise through the evolutionary process to dominate the animal kingdom. To this end man has decided that children are a choice to be casually discarded as one would do with unwanted garbage.

Obviously, the secular world view is in conflict with the biblical one. Where the world asserts that man evolved from energy and matter, the Bible declares that he was created by God and is ultimately responsible to God. Where the world says that morals are relative, the Bible says they are absolute. Where the world says that there is no need of salvation and redemption, the Bible clearly states that all people are in need of deliverance from their sin. The contrast is obvious and profound. Both cannot be true.

Further exacerbating this debate is the fact that today’s society is influenced by what it sees on television rather than what they read in scripture. Every day millions of Americans are bombarded with violence, pornography, and anti-family shows that denigrate parents and are especially anti-fathers. Today’s culture seeks to elevate the status of children and inflate their juvenile ideas to that of accepted and celebrated wisdom.

Conversely, those who should be honored such as parents, clergy, and men who live by the righteous tenants of biblical teachings are ridiculed. This anti-God template is used regularly to attack religious figures and conservative institutions which advocate for America to return to its Christian moral roots. We are routinely referred to in derogatory terms; instead of referring to us as people who are seeking to be Christ-like, desiring to live by his righteous tenants, we are called “right wing fundamentalists” who are bent on censorship, intolerance, and bigotry.

The world’s open hatred for all things Christian is intensifying and will only get worse, until one day, the Christian worldview will not be publicly tolerated at all. So what should we do? First and foremost we must stop acting like Christian atheists and begin living like Christians!

Our allegiance is to God and to His Son. We must commit ourselves to His doctrine of creation, His divine purpose for our lives, and accept the grace of His salvation. This means rejecting any and all philosophies that deny the divinity of the trinity, or that substitute human wisdom for that of inspired scripture.

We must do more than just mouth that we believe in God. Our lives must reflect that belief. Too often, Christians’ actions mirror those who do not believe in God, i.e. atheists. We are living and acting as if God doesn’t really exist. God wants and expects more from us than just belief. “Even the devils believe and tremble”. (James 2:19) He wants us to act on our faith by living it out in every part of our lives. “I beseech that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice . . . “ (Rom 12:1) That’s the only way we can grow closer to God and let others know that your faith is real, so they’ll be inspired to seek God themselves.

Having a spiritual perspective in every aspect of our lives means operating from a Christian world view; living our faith, so that our lives and actions proclaim Christ to a world that is in desperate need for a savior! In short, we must transform. It’s time to stop acting like the world and start living like Christ!

In service to our Lord,
Rod Ellison

Rod Ellison

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